All my love is unrequited love

"Loving someone who will never love you back. If you're like me, the term will apply to someone who probably used to love you but you either didnt take the chance to fall for them, scared of being hurt, or, quite simply, blew it. And now spend your time wishing after them, wishing one day they'll love you again. However, when one day you realise the one you love, loves you back, it gives you the most amazing, elated feeling you never thought was possible." - by "Hecter", May 13, 2006 for The Urban Dictionary

I'm starting to think different. I can be happy without a guy, even though I wish I had been in a relationship for a long time now. But time will show. I'm still young. I have to live, I want to live. Sadness is my boyfriend. And I'm breaking up with him. Right now. 

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22.06.2011 kl.20:27

Så vakkert..

22.06.2011 kl.20:29

I`m agree:-)

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